Engineering Intern

Artsicle is hiring Summer interns! Love art? Ready to join one of the fastest growing startups in NYC? Want to have some fun with your internship? If so, keep reading!

Artsicle interns will learn about startup life, tech, the art world, and what it means to build something. You'll be exposed to a ton of other great startups, mentors, investors. You'll visit artist's studios, stop by gallery openings, and help build something world changing. You can build new skills and develop a portfolio of real work. And we think you'll have fun, too.

You'll have a very flexible schedule and can often work from anywhere (minimum of 20 hours/wk). And hey, if we all get along, we might just ask you to stick around fulltime.

Check out the description below and apply!

Here at Artsicle, we believe in getting our hands dirty across the full stack, from the CSS to our EC2 servers. Artsicle's CTO is a self-taught developer - so don't worry about not having a CS degree. However, what comes with being self-taught is not to fearing the unknown and knowing how to jump in and learn just about anything.

Artsicle is looking for self motivated developers who don't cringe at the thought of stepping outside their comfort zone, or the idea of taking a customer support call. Artsicle is a small team and it's very likely that you'll do everything from wire a piece of art to tweak our recommendation algorithm - it's a great way to become a jack of all trades. If you believe in learning new skills while excelling at your current ones, then Artsicle is the place for you.

Our Stack - MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Linux, Ruby, Rails, and front end stuffs (HTML, CSS, JS/Coffeescript)


  • HTML & CSS - If you don't know HTML & CSS, start learning here. A strong understanding is quick and invaluable.
  • Programming Language - We don't care what language but proficiency in one will help you learn another.
  • Keen Eye for Design - You care that that font is 24px, not 23px.
  • Strong Writing & Communication - Clear writing skills and a confident opinion will help you communicate with the team.
  • Start-up attitude - We're passionate about what we do, and we want you to be too.
  • Get it Done - You feel comfortable doing things, even when no one is telling you exactly what to do.

Great to have:

  • Interested In - Going deep in Javascript, the good parts of course. Knowledge of Coffeescript is even better.
  • Git - or subversion, mercurial etc.
  • Twitter Bootstrap - it makes communication and responsiveness a lot easier.
  • SASS - A great superset of CSS
  • A bit of photoshop knowledge always helps

If you don't meet the above criteria yet, here are a few steps to help you get there:

  • Learn to Program - a fantastic get started book.
  • Rails Tutorial - Not only do you build Twitter but you learn some up to date techniques such as TDD.
  • Build something (anything), push it to the world and tell us about it.

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